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I am now another LiveJournal refugee. My posts have found their way here; comments are still in the queue. One post (a response to one of LJ's questions of the day) didn't import in any sensible way so I deleted it. (You're not missing much.)

The last few days were full of fun stuff. Thursday night the Lipstick Criminals (née Babes in Boinkland) did a show, TOAST, at Club Oberon. It was a greatest hits retrospective of their eleven year history, and featured a lot of special guests; past Babes and performers from other Boston-area burlesque troupes. Their show was unusual in that around half the routines didn't feature any stripping; they were dance numbers featuring people who were already in bras and panties. They do a lot of group routines, and their focus is on dance as much as it is on stripping. (Many of their core members are also involved with The Slutcracker.)

They also did an associated day of burlesque classes on Saturday, the WERKshop, at the Dance Complex. So I decided to take those as well. I didn't let the fact that I already had a ticket for Rogue Burlesque's show that evening, All Butts Are Off, stop me, so it was a burlesque-filled day. The last class was the only one that was actually about removing clothing and included how to take off your bra on stage, which was my first time ever doing that in front of other people. In case you're wondering how that's handled in a class setting, we each brought a SECOND bra that we put on over the first one so we'd have something to remove. I chose a sports bra for the base, as did most of us, so there wouldn't be two sets of hooks to make things confusing. It's only in the past year that I've been comfortable with being seen in public in a sports bra; they don't have any padding, but I now have enough bust development to not look completely flat without it. They're just little B cups, but they're mine, all mine, and I like them.

Yesterday Abigail had a party. Not a huge one; I think ten people were there in total and not all at the same time. I make brownies and sadly discovered that she couldn't eat them; eggs had found their way onto her food sensitivity list since the last time I got one from her. But other people enjoyed them, and my housemates ate the rest last night. It was a fun day. I also loved her floral dress; Abigail has a romantic fashion sense that I admire.
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