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New Year at The Buttery

We have two big parties here every year. One of them is New Year's Eve
and New Year's Day.

The doors open around sunset on New Year's Eve, though mostly people
start arriving around 7pm or so. (People arriving before sunset will
be put to work getting the party set up.) The party runs until late
evening of New Year's Day unless we run out of food and drink. (Hint:
bring food and drink.)

Because the roads are very dangerous on New Year's night (too many
drunk drivers out there, and often slick roads due to winter weather),
we encourage people to stay overnight at our house. Bed space is
limited and mostly reserved for out-of-town visitors, but we do have
plenty of floor space available; bring sleeping bags and pillows. If
you do need bed space contact us in advance and we'll do what we can.
There are a number of houses of our friends within walking distance;
if we don't have space here we might be able to set you up in one of
the other houses. The MBTA runs later than usual on New Year's night
(they have not yet posted schedule details for New Year's Eve/Morning
but it's likely to be similar to the Friday and Saturday late night
schedule; check for info), and no Red Line construction is

We'll have the usual collection of unusual people. Things that usually
happen include games, music, and general merriment. We provide some
food, soft drinks, and beer, but we encourage guests to bring more of
all of the above. Don't bring hard liquor unless you plan to take any
remains home with you; our collection is already large enough. (Unless
you bring single malt :) And don't bring Budweiser or similar American
beer (or, heaven forbid, light beer) unless you plan to drink it all
yourself; our guests will mostly ignore it and it's not even good for
making Fernando Stew.

If you're not sure what to bring, give us a call or email for hints.
Main dishes tend to be in short supply and we usually have an excess
of desserts; if your circumstances permit bringing a non-sweet main
course or side dish, we will love you for it.

Bring yourselves, your friends, games, musical instruments, food and
drink, and anything else that will help make you and our other guests
happy and not make anyone unhappy. If your main interest is gaming,
the prime gaming times are before 10pm and after 1am New Year's Eve,
and between noon and 6pm on New Year's Day. Opportunities for gaming
are limited between 10pm and 1am because it's usually too crowded to
set up gaming tables.

The Buttery is a non-smoking house, including the porch, so the
nicotine-addicted among you will have to wander out to the sidewalk or
yard. (And it's likely to be cold!) We have no pets, and request that
you leave yours at home. Seeing-eye and other service animals are
always welcome, and Muriel's dog has special dispensation to visit at
any time.

For more information email me:

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